Thursday, May 24, 2012


            The sounds that i hear in my neighborhood are train tracks and mostly the wind. What i hear in the homes neighborhood is police sirens and cars passing by. I mostly pay attention to the train tracks near my house because you wont be able to hear anything else when it passes buy.


         I like pencil art work. I like how something can look so nice when its only gray. I like to draw realistic things like people and nature. I love the little details you can make with a sharpened pencil.


Monday, May 7, 2012

On My Way Home After School.... Everyday...
I exit and enter through this train station everyday on my way to and from school. Its Routine. Repetitiveness is the key to boredom...
Regular Day Bus Rides...

These sounds remind me that i'm still in New York, the Bronx, when I start to day dream or drift off into somewhere better..

Art. Passion. Expression. Life. Graffiti!

I think graffiti is one of the most influential movements in art period. Graffiti revolutionized street art, through graffiti art became a thrill, something "forbidden" or frowned upon by society. This gave artist in New York and across the world a way to rebel against society and issues of which they were offended by. Many of these pieces on trains, walls & buildings were looked upon as great masterpieces especially to other graffiti artist of the time.

I have some images from my personal "Blackbook" from 2010 (a book were you practice your tags and let other taggers "throw up" their piece in)

The artist include Maze(Tats Cru), Nicer (Tats Cru), Bio (Tats Cru), Leos, Dose, Toxic, & Clue7.

(Blackbook Exterior)

(Bio - Tats Cru)
(Nicer - Tats Cru)



(Maze - Tats Cru)


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My interests

I hadnt had the time before to talk about my interests so ive taken the time now to talk about it.Im interested in fashion ,i like to take pictures of outfits that maniquins are wearing  because it gives me an idea of how to dress similar.I also look through fashion magazines to see whats in style and what is out of style . I also  observe the outfits of the people to see what or how people are wearing .It catches my attention when people dare to be different and wear things that others might not wear because it makes them unique and is a way to express themselves and shows that they dont care what others think of them.when i was applying to highschools,i wanted to apply to fashion industries but since i  didnt consider my self a artist because i didnt know how to draw,paint or create things so i didnt attempt to .im also interested in acting and creative writing .As a member of NLE i would like to learn about the different kinds of art that exist, meet artists  and learn about their art work.