Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Home

Earlier this week, I posted several photos of my immediate neighborhood, the area where I have grown up and the streets that have shaped me. Now I want to share a few more photos of Manhattan, because this week I have also spent time exploring more areas of the city. The photo on the bottom right is a picture I took recently in Riverside Park, looking through the grass at the Hudson River. When I was in the park I noticed that the ground was littered in trash and my friend and I spent a few minutes cleaning the area around us. I thought about how important it is to contribute to the neighborhoods that shape me. Just as Manhattan's Upper West Side has helped me grow into who I am today, I have responsibilities to clean and maintain the areas around me. I think that is part of what No Longer Empty does-- create an environment where people feel a sense of ownership and responsibility towards their neighborhood community. Just as Grand Concourse now offers its residents art and beauty in the Andrew Freedman home, residents of the Bronx take time to appreciate the space in which they live and contribute to it.

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