Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fitting, it seems, that the first time I entered the Andrew Freedman home, spring had just tumbled into New York. It was early March and one of the first days of the year graced with ample sunshine and a light breeze. It was a day for new beginnings and possibilities. That sense was compounded the moment I walked through the cement courtyard of the Andrew Freedman home. Watching the artists transform the home's grandiose, well-worn ballrooms into pieces of art was truly a magical experience. I was watching the house come to life, becoming a space for innovation and renewal. And best of all, I was a part of the process of rebirth.
So now I suppose you know that I have a passion for new beginnings. I have always been open to adventure, whether that means sampling a new flavor at the Ben and Jerry's on my corner, or attempting to pick up a new hobby such as juggling or zumba. Which, I suppose, explains why I was eager to apply when I heard about No Longer Empty's Youth Docent Program. Art has long been an outlet for my energy and creativity whether I am painting in my school's studio, doodling in class, or writing poetry at after school workshops. But now I have the opportunity to experience art in a completely new way, and I am thrilled to continue imparting the experience to you through this blog. I'll write again soon!
Emma Goldberg

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