Thursday, April 12, 2012

Youth Docent, Week 2

 The images I've chosen are very different in context but, the same in concept. Places unknown...until explored and realized of its true potential...or lack of potential.

I took these photos of the Andrew Freedman Home and the area across the street to represent the going "backwards" in time as you enter on to the Freedman Campus, so to speak. Once you enter through these gates it is as if you aren't in the Bronx (2012); it is almost as if you've traveled back through time or thrown into this pre-modernization age of tranquility and freedom. Your mind is free to wander and create its own conceptuality of what "time" is, what "the past" is, what the "present" is. The Freedman Home is a blast from the past most of us never get to experience knew we could experience.

Where I live. I chose to take this picture at night through my window at night to capture the true lies of my neighborhood. With this image you can't see much of the area or anything for that matter, but a tiny piece of a building close to the bottom and blurred street lights, to me this shows the true reality of where I live. Nobody can see through the darkness unless they are in it, and nobody can navigate their way out until their eyes have "adapted". My eyes are adapted, I am the one light that can see the building and area around me, I know where I am and where I want to go. The two green blurs of light on the right half of the image near to center is the police station; the light they create in comparison to the rest of the area represents the amount of influence they hold where I live, unfortunately that isn't much. The rest of the lights represent lost hopes, dark deeds, and terrorized souls.

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